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Research conducted by users of the EM Unit

Brief description of projects carried out in 2016:

  • Archaeology

    Bandama, Foreman: Indigenous metal production in South Africa: evidence from Rhenosterkloof. Supervisor: S. Chirikure

  • Biological Sciences

    Harrington, Amy: Investigation into the presence of coccolithophors in the Southern Ocean. Supervisor: M Lucas.

  • Biotechnology CPUT

    Akinipelu, E: SEM/Elemental analysis of Fusarium oxysporum. Supervisor: S.Ntwampe
    Mekuto, L: Assessment of biofilm structures from soft-drinks effluent. Supervisor: S.Ntwampe
    Ndobeni, A: Treatment of sugar industry wasterwater using UASB reactor. Supervisor: P Welz

  • Centre of Excellence in Biomedical TB Research (CBTBR), WITS

    Chengaloren, Melissa, Senzai, Sibu and Shaku, Moagi: Cell wall hydrolases in mycobacterium sp. Supervisor: C.Ealand

  • Cardio Vascular Research Unit

    Conradie David, Park Ken, Rujub A and Zirewa, R: Scaffolds for tissue engineered heart valves. Supervisor: D Buizeidenhout
    De Boer, Candice: Sustained delivery of stem cell derived exosomes. Supervisor: Davies, N  

  • Chemical Engineering

    Brosius, R: Pt (Pd) TiO2.
    Chamier, J: Ceramic catalyst support materials.
    Chen, Yi-Hwa: Preparations of monodispersed iron nanoparticles as Fischer-Tropsch catalysts. Supervisor: M.Claeys
    De Oliveiro, D: Phase and structural changes of nickel catylysts as a function of reaction conditions. Supervisor: M.Claeys
    Diale, P: Environmental aspects of algal bio-process technology, with specific focus on metal removal and bioenergy. Supervisor: S.Harrison
    Dyasi, N: Al oxide modification of cobalt metal and cobalt oxide to widen model system of SMSI.  Supervisor: E.Van Steen
    Edward, C: Effect of thiocyanate on bio-oxidation microorganisms. Supervisor: S.Harrison
    Fortuin, A: Continuous Pt surface catalyst for PEFC. Supervisor: O.Conrad
    Gambu, Y: Templated synthesis of metal nano-rods. Supervisor: E.Van Steen
    Hessler, T: Biological sulphate reduction Supervisors: R.Huddy & S.Harrison 
    Iyer, D: VP-BPV. Supervisor: S.Harrison   
    Jackson, C: Preparation of and characterization of PtRu/C catalysts for DMFC. Supervisor: O.Conrad
    Jacobs, C: Continuous Pt surface catalyst for PEFC. Supervisor: P.Levecque
    Khasu, M: Synthesis of water gas shift reaction catalysts. Supervisor: O.Conrad
    Khoza, T: MEA delvelopement for (PEFCs) polymer electrolyte fuel cells. Supervisor: N.Hussain
    Kunene, A: Pt/Au as a promoter for supported cobalt catalysts. Supervisor: E.Van Steen
    Letaba, G: Catalytic properties of Pt-based bimetallic catalysts.
    Little, L. Investigating the relationship between fine grinding and floatation performance using mineralogy. Supervisor: M Becker
    Makaula, D: Microbial colonization of mineral ore surfaces. Supervisor: S.Harrison
    Makhatini, Z: Upgrading of F-T products by co-feeding of NH3. Supervisor: M.Claeys
    Mangunda, C: An investigation into the kinetics and mechanisms of ferric mineral precipitation on the surface of lime solution. Supervisor: A Lewis
    Marais, T: Charaterization and optimization of an intergreated semi-passive bioprocess for remediating ARD. Supervisor: S.Harrison
    Mohammed, D: Preparation of Ru modified silicon for F-T Reaction. Supervisor: E.Van Steen
    Mpofu, N: The effect of reaction parameters on organometallic chemical deposition. Supervisor: P.Levecque
    Nyathi, T: Crytallite size-effects of Co3O4 catalysts on the preferential oxidation of CO in H2-rich gases. Supervisor: M.Claeys
    Peck, A: In situ magnetometry of selected catalytic processes. Supervisor: M.Claeys
    Petersen, A: Cobalt support interaction. Supervisor: E.Van Steen
    Raper, Y : Value from waste: Bioreactor selection for the production of the value products from wastewater. Supervisor: E.Van Steen
    Schwanitz, B: Hemp Nanofibers. Supervisor: P.Levecque
    Shiro, T: Nanofiber catalyst for fuel cells.
    Stegmann, R: Phase composition of iron base Fischer-Tropsch catalysts as a function of reaction conditions. Supervisor: M.Claeys
    Swart, S: Cell-free conversion of n-octane to n-octanol via a heterogenous and biocatalytic approach. Supervisor: S.Harrison
    Tucker, C: Cobalt support for F-T synthesis at high conversion. Supervisor: E.Van Steen
    Wiese, J: Effects of different grinding media on particle shape.
    Wolf, M: Phase transformations in Fischer-Tropsch Co catalysts. Supervisor: M.Claeys

  • Chemical Engineering (CPUT)

    Fraser, I: Industrial feasibility of high gas conversion. Supervisor: A.Rabiu
    Mompati, B: Effect of particle size of weighting agents on drilling fluid. Supervisor: D. Ikhu-Omoregbe
    Shabani, J: Synthesis of clay based catalysts for bioethanol conversion. Supervisor: N. Udi

  • Chemistry

    Combrink, J: Synthetic Hemozoin (β-Hematin) Crystals. Supervisor: T.Egan 
    Dare, N: Using metal-organic frameworks to investigate ferrihaem. Supervisor: T.Egan 
    Kaschula, C: Investigations into the effect of the galvic compound ajoene vimetin filament formation.
    Knight, H: Using labelled quantum dots to probe binding interaction of ferrihaem with quinine. Supervisor: T.Egan 
    Paolo, F: Synthesis and investigation of novel B-Haem inhibiting scaffolds for antimalarial studies. Supervisor: T.Egan 
    Quaretti, M: Growth and chemical functionalization of silicon-based nanowires. Supervisor: G.Smith

  • Civil Engineering

    Jassa, P: Alternative patch report materials. Supervisor: H.Beuhausen
    Kiliswa, M: The influence of sewer parameters on the deterioration of concrete sewer pipes. Supervisor: M.Alexander

  • Civil Engineering (CPUT)

    Titus, T: Evaluating physical properties of TiTO2 on pervious concrete.

  • CME (Centre for Materials Engineering)

    Carlisle, A: Investigation onto the effect of laser shock peeling on crack initiation during fatigue on a range of materials. Supervisor: S.George
    Chicube, P: Assessment of pitting corrosion resistance of alloy 825 in stagnate seawater. Supervisor: R.Knutsen  
    Kubheka, B: Conversion of flyash into zeolites. Supervisor: C.Woolard  
    Matjelo, L: Microstructural characterization of mild steel square tubes crushed under static and dynamic impact loads. Supervisor: R.Knutsen  
    Matthews, R: Primary water stress corrosion cracking studies of structural materials in pressurised water nuclear reactors. Supervisor: R.Knutsen 
    Mayembo, E: The influence of heat/fire on the hardness and strength of silicrete stone tools. Supervisor: C.Woolard  
    Naiker, H: Parametric study of direct powder rolling of Ti-6Al-4V. Supervisor: R.Knutsen 
    Naiker, L: The influence of heat treatment on the mechanical and stress corrosion cracking properties of turbine blade steel FV52OB. Supervisor: R.Knutsen 
    Nkomo, D: The evaluation of the corrosion behaviour of Hercules alloy in aqueous environments. Supervisor: R.Knutsen 
    Shangase, P: The effect of repeated blast loading on microstructure and mechanical properties of AISI 930 ferritic stainless steel. Supervisor: S.George
    Singh, K: Experimental investigation of creep damage on a thermally exposed component in coal power plants. Supervisor: R.Knutsen 

  • Electrical Engineering

    Olayiwola, O: Online condition monitoring of electrochemical devices. Supervisor: P. Barendse

  • Fine Art

    Nazus, P: SEM images of different textiles to be compiled into a composite. Supervisor: A.Buffler

  • Geological Sciences

    Browning, C: Winds of change, did windblown sediment fertilize the Ordovician Oceans? Supervisor: W.Taylor
    Doyle, P: Polycrystalline diamond characterization. Supervisor: P.Janey
    Mosito, T: Effect of sea level fluctuation on sediment deposition on the slope in the Western Continental margin of South Africa. Supervisor: J.Compton

  • Human Biology

    Kruse, E: Study of the mechanical of HIV Virions. Supervisor: T.Franz
    Meketane, K: Properties of human hair.


    Ncedana, C: Metuirome from Brandvlei hot spring. Supervisor: M.Trindade

  • Institute for Wine Biotechnology (Stellenbosch)   

    Weiller, F: Investigating the role of VV PGIP on the resistance phenotype of grapes to Botytis cinereal infection from the cell wall perspective. Supervisor: J.Moore

  • Integrative Biomedical Sciences

    Schafer, G: Vimertin modulates HPV internalisation.

  • Medical Biochemistry

    Tadele, M: Detection of creatinine using silver nanoparticles. Supervisor: J.Blackburn

  • Molecular and Cell Biology

    Cooper, K: Biochemical, genetic, physiological and cellular research in desiccation plants. Supervisor: J.Farrant
    Galvao, B: Identification of protein components of Bacteroides fragilis fimbriae. Supervisor: V.Abratt
    Pietersen, I: Production of a pant-produced VLP-based vaccine candidate against Bovine Papillomaviru. Supervisor: I.Hitzeroth
    Stevens, D: Transient transformation of micro-algae for heterologous protein production. Supervisor: E.Rybicki
    Van Zyl, A: HPV vaccine development.

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Baloyi, J: Enhancing the adhesion strength between the grinding wheel core and abrasive mixture. Supervisor: R.Kuppuswamy
    Jani, F: Design of a microblasting nozzle. Supervisor: R.Kuppuswamy
    Kapui, M: Electro-polishing of stainless steel and its effect on needle-tissue interaction forces. Supervisor: R.Kuppuswamy
    Naidoo, S: Flank wear model development and experimental investigation while machining Inconel 718 with and without low frequency vibration assistance. Supervisor: R.Kuppuswamy
    Roginsky, A: An experiment and numerical investigation onto the anisotropy of bovine femoral bone. Supervisor: T.Cloete
    Soeker, Q: Using addictives to strengthen fiber-reinforced polymer composites. Supervisor: C.Klempman

  • Medical Biochemistry

    Hendricks, N: Hand held biosensor for detecting pathogens via surface enhanced RAMAN scattering. Supervisor: J.Blackburn
    Tadele, M: Label-free detection of mycobacterial segments using silver nanoparticles by surface enhanced RAMAN scattering. Supervisor: J.Blackburn

  • Pharmacology

    Redhi, D: Understanding the role of Haem in the mechanism of action of CO and POP in P.falciparum. Supervisor: T.Egan

  • Physics   

    Unugibe, D: Chemical and electronic properties of conducting and semi-conducting nanoparticles. Supervisors: D.Britton and M.Harting

  • Structural Biology

    Mulelu, A: Factors involved in the oligomerization of the cyanide dihydratase from Bacillus Pumulus. Supervisor: T Sewell