Reichert FCS Cryo Ultramicrotome

The Reichert FCS Ultracut S Cryo Ultramicrotome is an advanced ultramicrotome providing ultra-thin sectioning in the 5-95 nm range, and semi-thin sectioning from 0.01-2.5 μm. The microtome is electronically controlled, with a number of features which make it possible to easily set up the cutting operation and control the thickness of the sections, including variable cutting speed, variable return speed, cutting window selection, and motorised fine feed.

The Reichert FCS cryo-sectioning accessory is also available, consisting of a liquid nitrogen dewar, cryochamber, control unit, and liquid nitrogen pump. An automatic pumping system maintains a stable low temperature environment around the frozen specimen and the knife. The temperature of the knife, specimen, and cryochamber atmosphere can be individually controlled.