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Publications by users in 2020

  • Chapman R, van Diepen M, Galant S, Kruse E, Margolin E, Ximba P, Hermanus T, Moore P, Douglass N, Williamson A-L and Rybicki E. Immunogenicity of HIV-1 Vaccines Expressing Chimeric Envelope Glycoproteins on the Surface of Pr55 Gag Virus-Like Particles. Vaccines, 2020. 8(54); doi:10.3390/vaccines8010054
  • Hendricks H, Chamier J and Tanaka S. Membrane electrode assembly performance of a standalone microporous layer on a metallic gas diffusion layer. Journal of Power Sources, 2020. 464 228222.
  • Inyang A and Vaughan C. Functional Characteristics and Mechanical Performance of PCU Composites for Knee Meniscus Replacement. Materials, 2020. 13, 1886; doi:10.3390/ma13081886
  • Leteba G, Mitchell D, Levecque P, Macheli L, van Steen E and Lang C. High-Index Core-Shell Ni-Pt Nanoparticles as Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts. ACS Appl Nano Mater, 2020. 3(6), P5718-5731.
  • Mabuwa, S and Msomi V. The effect of friction stir processing on the friction stir welded AA1050-H14 and AA6082-T6 joints. Materials today: Proceedings, 2020. 26(2) P193-199
  • Mabuwa, S and Msomi, V. Comparative analysis between normal and submerged friction stir processed friction stir welded dissimilar aluminium alloy joints. Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 2020. 9(5) P9632-9644.
  • Mabuwa S and Msomi V. Fatigue Behaviour of the Multi-pass Friction Stir Processed AA8011-H14 and AA6082-T651 Dissimilar Joints. Engineering Failure Analysis, 2020.
  • Mangunda C, Petersen J and Lewis A. Modifying the dewatering behaviour of iron solids from ferric sulphate solutions during lime treatment. Hydrometallurgy, 2020. 191 105238
  • Marais T, Huddy R, Harrison S and van Hille R. Demonstration of simultaneous biological sulphate reduction and partial sulphide oxidation in a hybrid linear flow channel reactor. Journal or water Process Engineering, 2020. 34.
  • Msomi V, Mbana N and Mabuwa S. Microstructural analysis of the friction stir welded 1050-H14 and 5083-H111 aluminium alloys. Materials today: Proceedings, 2020. 26(2)P189-192
  • Naupu P, Rene van Zyl A-A, Rybicki E and Hitzeroth I. Immunogenicity of Plant-Produced Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Virus-Like Particles (VLPs). Vaccines, 2020, 8(4):740 DOI: 10.3390/vaccines8040740
  • Rajan, Z, Binninger, T, Kooyman, P, Susac, D and Mohamed, R. Organomatallic chemical deposition of crystalline iridium oxide nanoparticles on antimony-doped tin oxide support with high-performance for the oxygen evolution reaction. Catalysis Science and Technology, 2020. doi:10.1039/d0cy00470g
  • Wolf M, Gibson E, Olivier E, Neethiling J, Catlow C, Fisher, N and Clayes M. In-depth characterisation of metal-support compounds in spent Co/SiO2 Fischer-Tropsch model catalysts. Catalysis today, 2020. 342(15) P71-78