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Light and Fluorescent Microscopes

  • Wild M400 Photomacroscope

    Wild microscope

    Universal-macroscope for quality inspection, measuring and documentation.

    The M400 features a 5-fold zoom objective which enables a large field of view and a large working distance at the same time. Magnification from2x to 64x


    • vertical optical path
    • phototube with 1-fold C-mount 1x (within range of delivery)
    • high resolution at large working distance and large field of view
    • precise rough/fine drive for fast and fine focus adjustment
    • built-in iris aperture, aperture diaphragm
    • fibre glass-coaxial illumination module
    • ancillary lenses 2,0-fold and 0.5-fold
    • transmitting light stand
    • xy stage/ measuring stage
    • software for image measuring (Axiocam software)


  • Zeiss Axiocam Digital Camera

    The Zeiss Axiocam Digital Camera and Axiovision software enables the collection of high quality digital images from the Wild M400 Photomacroscope.

    Zeiss AxioCam HR - Micron optical