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Instruments and services

Access to Major Equipment

To use any of the Centre instruments you must be a registered user. To enquire about registering, please see our instructions for registering and booking equipment. Alternatively, the Centre may be able to undertake contract work for you.

Other services

  • Preparative Laboratory Instruments

    Preparative instruments housed in the Unit include:

    Centrifuges, Microfuge, Spectrophotometer, Critical Point Dryer, High vacuum coating with freeze fracture, High vacuum coating Polisher, Freeze substitution and a High Pressure Freezer.

    Read more about our Protein Preparation lab.

  • Sale of EM Consumables

    The Unit offers a wide range of standard EM preparative consumables for sale to users. There is a price list of the more common items - please ask about other things which you feel we should stock.

  • Training on instruments

    At the moment, the Unit offers one-on-one training on the electron microscopes and other major equipment.

  • Collaboration and Partnership in research utilizing EM

    The Electron Microscope Unit occasionally undertakes research in collaboration with research partners. The over-ruling criterion for this to happen is that an EM officer should find the work interesting and have some motivation to undertake the work. In these cases the Unit will usually bear much of the cost of instrument usage and EM related consumables from a budget that it has available for this purpose.

  • Contract Work

    The Electron Microscope Unit has a limited capacity to undertake contract work for people and organizations inside and outside the University. We welcome enquiries about this service, please phone (021) 650 2817 or (021) 650 2818.