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Rigaku Diffractometer


The Rigaku Diffractometer is a complete x-ray diffraction system that enables data collection on a wide range of protein crystal samples. Please contact Jeremy Woodward ( for more information about the diffractometer

It consists of the following subcomponents and support machinery:

  1. AFC11 Kappa, 4 Circle goniometer
  2. Micromax-007HF Microfocus
  3. Saturn-944 +digital CCD camera system
  4. PolyCold: Keeps the Saturn-944 at a low controlled temperature
  5. CCD Image Processing Communication and Stage Control Box
  6. Hampton Arcless Goniometer Head: holds the crystal in place on the goniometer
  7. Varimax-HF Confocal Optical System
  8. Refrigerated heat exchanger: water cooled temperature control to +1° Celsius for nitrogen
  9. CSCobra: The Non-liquid N2 Cryostream Temperature range of 80-400°K without liquid nitrogen
  10. Nitrogen Gas generator for Cobra system
  11. Control Computers