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Auxilliary Equipment

Sample Preparation Equipment

  • Leica Reichert FCS UltracutS Cryo-Ultramicrotome
  • Leica EM FC7 cryo-ultramicrotome
  • High Pressure Freezer EM HPM 100
  • Vitrobot Mark IV
  • Leica EMS Freeze Substitution system
  • Leica EM KMR3 Knife maker
  • Balzers high-vacuum coating plant, freeze fracture system
  • EMS Glow Discharge Unit
  • Leica KF80 plunge freezer
  • Balzers high vacuum coating plant – carbon coater
  • Balzers critical point drying apparatus
  • Sputter coater
  • Operation of Oxford Instruments cryotransfer stage
  • Instructions for turbo vacuum system for pumping out cryo stages
  • Operating Instructions for film dessicators
  • Optical diffraction and defocus calculations