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About our Staff

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Prof. B. Trevor Sewell, Director

trevor Trevor Sewell is Director of the Centre for Imaging and Analysis at the University of Cape Town and Convener of the Joint UCT/UWC Masters Programme in Structural Biology. He studied at the University of the Witwatersrand under Professor Frank Nabarro, FRS and Dr Shiela Saffer and at Birkbeck College under Professor Sir Tom Blundell, FRS. He has worked in the Biochemistry Department at UCT, where he studied the structure of chromatin. He has pioneered the development of three-dimensional electron microscopy and protein x-ray crystallography in South Africa. His current interests include the structures of proteases, including HIV PR and angiotensin converting enzyme, nitrilases and other potentially useful industrial enzymes. He has interest in drug design as well as the structures of larger biological assemblies.

Room: 3rd level, New Engineering Building.

Phone: (021) 650 2817



Mrs Miranda Waldron, General Enquiries and SEM applications specialist

Responsible for Scanning Electron Microscopy, Lab Management and Routine Services.

Phone: (021) 650 2818


Mr Michael Woodward, Maintenance Technician

Responsible for equipment maintenance.

Phone: (021) 650 2409


Mr Mohammed A. Jaffer, TEM applications specialist

Responsible for Transmission EM and Ultramicrotomy - cryo and conventional.

Phone: (021) 650 3354


Sean Karriem, Technical Officer

Responsible for security, general lab management, health and safety, laboratory logistics and waste disposal.

Phone: (021) 650 2818


Mrs Nasheeta Hanief, E-Beam writing and Materials specialist

Nasheeta has a Masters degree in Materials Engineering and is doing her PhD in Physics. She is responsible for E-Beam writing on the MIRA Scanning Electron Microscope as well as general SEM and TEM work.

Phone: (021) 650 1764