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2021 Publications

Baba,Alafara A, Julius P Akinribido, Mustapha A Raji. Upgrading of a Nigerian Vermiculite-Phillipsite Rich Talc Ore by Flotation-Cum-Acid Leaching Routes for Industrial Applications. Materials Circular Economy. 2021. 3(1) 1-9.

Botha, T. and Griffiths C.South African Acrothoracica (Crustacea: Cirripedia). Zootaxa. 2021. 4949(1):045-078.

Chapman, Ros, Michiel van Diepen, Nicola Douglass, Shireen Galant, Mohamed Jaffer, Emmanuel Margolin, Phindile Ximba, Tandile Hermanus, Penny L. Moore and Anna-LiseWilliamson. Assessment of an LSDV-Vectored Vaccine for Heterologous
Prime-Boost Immunizations against HIV. Vaccines 2021, 9, 1281.

Cooper M, Sewell B.T and Jaffer M.A. Differences between violet and green woodhoopoe mantle feathers. Biodiversity Observations. 2021. 8(46) 1-2

Fearon, Shelley H., Susan J.Dennis, Inga I.Hitzeroth, Edward P.Rybicki, Ann E.Meyers. Humoral and cell-mediated immune responses to plant-produced African horse sickness virus VP7 quasi-crystals. 2021 Virus Research. 2021.

Leteba, G.M., Mitchell, D.R.G., Levecque, P.B.J., van Steen, E. & Lang, C.I. Formation of Pt-Based Alloy Nanoparticles Assisted by Molybdenum Hexacarbonyl. Nanomaterials. 2021 11(7):1825.

Malebelo, Maphutha; de Oliveira, Dominic; Nyathi, Thulani M; Fadlalla, Mohamed I; Henkel, Robert; Fischer, Nico; Claeys, Michael. Hydrothermal Sintering and Oxidation of an Alumina-Supported Nickel Methanation Catalyst Studied Using In Situ Magnetometry. Catalysts. 2021 11(5):636.

Nondudule, Z., Chamier, J. and Chowdhury, M. Effect of Stratification of Cathode Catalyst Layers on Durability of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells. Energies 2021 14(10) 2975

Osman, M.E., Maximov, V.V., Dorokhov, V.S., Mukhin, V.M., Sheshko, T.F., Kooyman, P.J. & Kogan, V.M. 2021. Carbon-Supported KCoMoS2 for Alcohol Synthesis from Synthesis Gas. Catalysts.2021 11(11):1321.

Wayland, J., Stander, J., Chabeda, A. and Rybicki E. A Plant-Produced Virus-Like Particle Displaying Envelope Protein Domain III Elicits an Immune Response Against West Nile Virus in Mice, . Frontiers in Plant Science. 2021. 12.

Wilmers, J., Waldron, M. and Bargmann,S. Hierarchical microstructure of tooth enameloid in two lamniform shark species, Carcharias taurus and Isurus oxyrinchus. Nanomaterials. 2021. 11(4) 969.